God’s Airstrike; the Black Stone

Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with ʿAad –

Iram – who had lofty pillars,

The likes of which had never been created in the land?

[Y]our Lord poured upon them a scourge of punishment.

Indeed, He waits and watches.

Reading Geoff’s new BLDGBLOG post this morning, I was reminded of a treasure hunt Eva and I went on in Turkey before the plague struck.

Somewhere in the Rub’ al Khali on the Arabian Peninsula lie the ruins of Ubar, known also as Iram of the Pillars – a city God destroyed by airstrike 6,000 years ago. According to one tradition, al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad, the Black Stone set in the eastern corner of the Kaaba, is a fragment recovered from the shock-metamorphosed aftermath of that disaster.

Meteoritic or not, the stone has been damaged repeatedly over the centuries. At one point, after it shattered in a fire, six pieces were removed from Mecca to Istanbul. Four are embedded in the 16th-century Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque. One is set above the entrance of Suleiman the Magnificent’s mausoleum. And the sixth, in the mihrab of the Blue Mosque.

We found them all.

5 Responses to “God’s Airstrike; the Black Stone”

  1. priezza Says:

    Good one.

  2. wchambliss Says:

    Grazie, bello!

  3. prudenceinhell Says:

    Ubar sounds frighteningly close to Uqbar.

  4. wchambliss Says:

    Funny you mention that. I actually edited out a parenthetical in which I distinguished between the two.

  5. prudenceinhell Says:

    Love it.

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