Inhumation #3: toward a seismic Mendieta

Inside the volcano, fishing for earthquakes with my body as a lure. Documentation, inhumation, and exhumation by the painter Eric Sweet.

6 Responses to “Inhumation #3: toward a seismic Mendieta”

  1. plamura Says:

    Iconico! Un (estremo) saluto a tutti e due 🙂


  2. wchambliss Says:

    Sei già in Puglia?

  3. plamura Says:

    Si’, fino a fine agosto… Vediamoci presto!

  4. CK Says:

    So curious about how long you were lying buried and what you felt, what you were thinking about, and did anything unexpected happen?

  5. Sabrina Tatta Says:

    Imagine taking a postprandial stroll and stumbling upon this scene? Heart attack waiting to happen.

  6. wchambliss Says:


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