Happy birthday to me.

Turned 50 today. As the Poet once wrote (in Kenneth Rexroth’s translation), “Life whirls by like drunken wildfire.”

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  1. plamura Says:

    a very happy birthday Wayne!

    come visit me in Apulia when you are nearby — we moved the family base to Trani a few months ago, and now I am shuttling between Trani and Leipzig. now I am in Germany, but I’ll be again in Italy in 2 days, staying till the end of summer.

    your blog pieces are superb! I really enjoy reading them, and the topic is always surprising.



  2. Bradley L. Garrett Says:

    Happy birthday, brother. I left you a message on your phone and can only hope you won’t get it until you emerge from a grand adventure or cognitive cocoon. You are a rare wonder and I feel privileged to know you and to have shared in such a wealth of inconceivable hijinks over the years. I’m raising a glass to you this morning from the rains of Southern California, a part of the world that is lacking greatly after your departure. Very much looking forward to kicking off our first exploration of the new decade next month. Salud!

  3. wchambliss Says:

    Piero! I’ll be in Naples from early May until August. Plenty of time for a short trip to Apulia – unless you want to venture my way, to visit your ancestral home. 🙂

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