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Jinn Sorcery

August 2, 2020


One of the most expensive books I’ve ever bought was something called Jinn Sorcery. Something I found striking about it is how many of the spells are for revealing hidden/buried treasure. Presumably, this fixation had more to do, historically, with the possibility of discovering and looting archaeological treasure hoards than supernaturally hacking a more quotidian savings strategy among the wealthy elite of the Middle East and Central Asia. I mean, just how many people buried treasures in those days (absent a more formal banking system)? Intriguing to learn that greedy sorcerers used Jinn as a remote sensing technology – as metal detectors or ground penetrating radar. Makes me wonder what other buried treasures the Jinn might be conjured to detect. What do you want to bet that someone on payroll at Saudi Aramco has, at some point, summoned a jinni to¬†help prospect for oil or natural gas? Needless to say, it would also be interesting to get Jinn to help determine the composition of the mantle and core – here and on other planets.